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Would you like to reduce expenses by up to 9%?
Unify your suppliers!
Comfort Supply is a service that will help you solve a majority of problems resulting from a large number of suppliers. With our assistance you can fully focus on your business and leave the logistics problems to us.

30 suppliers and their disadvantages

  • Problems placing and coordinating orders
  • Limited offer of material
  • Varying delivery periods and late deliveries
  • Fluctuating material quality
  • Expensive delivery from all parts of the Czech Republic
  • High costs

1 supplierWhy Comfort Supply?

  • Save 75% of time placing and managing orders
  • Receive the complete order in two days
  • We can order non-standard custom material
  • Pay for one only delivery and at a fraction of the cost
  • 6% reduction of expenses, often even greater savings
  • We guarantee the superior quality of all goods
No coordination costs + lower delivery expenses + better material prices through negotiation = high financial savings

We guarantee an average 6% reduction of expenses with six main advantages

    Speed We are able to deliver 75% of orders in 24 hours and 98% of orders in two days
    Variability We always work on an individual basis, and can source even less common materials
    Quality We always guarantee superior quality, without exceptions or compromise
    Optimization We optimise deliveries in order to save you time and money
    Comfort We will streamline your administration and spare you from the complicated coordination of orders
    Ecology We reduce environmental burden by implementing one-time order solution

Comfort Supply clients

Comfort Supply clients

Provision of services

Our offer is comprised of thousands of items, which are adapted to your requirements to ensure you always receive everything you need at a single time. The following list of goods represents the main items we offer, however our complete range is far more extensive:
  • Packaging materials All kinds of wrapping, sacks, boxes, plastic film, cardboard and much more
  • Fasteners Screws, nuts, bolts and other fasteners of all sizes
  • Industrial materials Many kinds of lubricants, glues, oils and other materials
  • Indirect material Labels, TTR labels, cleaning products, hand lotions, etc.
  • Protective equipment Goggles, ESD gloves and shoes, earplugs
  • Not the products you need? If you didn´t see the products you are looking for, contact us ad we´ll get them for you! Contact us

How do we prepare ordered goods for shipping?

We use a clearly arranged pallet system which sorts items according to your needs and requirements.
  • 1. Pallet preparation We use the pallets of your choice
  • 2. Order consolidation The products are assembled logically in accordance with your requirements
  • 3. Finalisation and checks We make a thorough inspection to ensure that everything is in order and prepared for shipping
  • 4. Shipping Shipping is arranged in accordance with the client’s requirements Contact us

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